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You may be aware that the HSE are stepping aside from the regulation of first aid training (further information available from the HSE website), however, they are still monitoring first aid in the workplace (HSE First Aid Regs 1981 etc) and state "the HSE will continue to undertake reactive investigation visits where issues emerge or complaints are received." 


To be a recognised and qualified First Aider, candidates must be trained by a fully qualified trainer/assessor.  We are now part of First Aid Awards and our training is recognised by Ofqual and the Quality Control Framework.  Our certificates carry UCAS credits towards NVQ courses if required.



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You should make an assessment of your own First Aid needs which is appropriate to your workplace, which could vary significantly from one workplace to another.  First Aid provision must be 'adequate and appropriate in the circumstances', which means that sufficient First Aid equipment, facilities and personnel should be available at all times.  You will have to take into account a number of important factors, including the hazards, the number of employees, the nature of the work, the history of accidents and illnesses - to name just a few.


It is strongly recommended that many organisations such as schools, places of entertainment, fairgrounds and shops also include non-employees in their assessment.  The self-employed also have a duty in ensuring they have a First Aid provision in place, particularly if they work under the control of an employer, or if they work with other self-employed workers.


The L74 guidance is issued by the Health and Safety Executive.  More information on Health and Safety at Work, First Aid


If you would like your first aid training course to be delivered at a venue of your choice, there are certain requirements that need to be met.  Also, please check our terms & conditions for further information on booking, cancellation charges, etc.  Reflex First Aid Training Ltd and First Aid Awards (FAA) (Data Controller) will only process and store personal data for the purpose of the delivery, assessment and award of this qualification.  We will not use data for any other purpose or disclose data to any other person or organisation outside of this purpose.


If you have been involved in a first aid situation, we know it is very helpful sometimes to be able to discuss your feelings about what has happened etc.  We are available to help talk these things over confidentially at any time - you don't need to have been one of our students!


At Reflex First Aid Training Ltd we try to give the best possible service in all areas of the work, but if something happens to go wrong or if you are unhappy with the service and/or assessment, we have a complaints procedure please contact us so that we can try to put things right.





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